Steph’s Festival Packing Guide

My room is increasingly looking like a bomb has gone off in it; various items of colourful clothes, baby wipe packs and camping gear are spread across my floor. Glastonbury must be nearly upon us. In the run up towards my first time attending this famous festival I am overcome with excitement, anticipation and also, overwhelmed in a packing frenzy. So I thought I would turn my blog into a fashion focused feature for the first time to enlighten any other fellow festival packers on: what to pack when you’re packing?

Now I claim to be no fashion expert, indeed my own style philosophy consists of looking as funky as I can, and making anything I’m wearing a little different. Others may say that I have rather “out there” or “quirky” style that they admire but maybe wouldn’t dare to wear personally. However I believe that Glastonbury or any festival for that matter is an opportunity for this unique talent of mine to be fairly useful. So let me give you my definitive festival packing advice! If you are not afraid to look bold, fun and ultimately like a dick…

  1. Ignore the advice you’ve seen on the Topshop and Asos festival collections. The aim is NOT to look like your going TO a festival. But to look like you ARE the festival! What I mean is that you will see an awful lot of tassels, wide leg printed trousers, and boho inspired floaty numbers. While these are pretty and nice (not the words you want to describe your festival outfit), lets be frank, it’s not really an exciting prospect to put something on that you could probably slip into your work wardrobe. We want something more daring and whacky.
  1. Pack bright. Your selection of outfits should be an array of colours and patterns. Mix them up; make the most mismatched pairing you can find. If you wouldn’t wear it together on the street, it’s right for the festival.
  1. Find one outfit that will instantly make you stand out in a crowd, your friends will never miss you wearing it. A daring bright yellow casuist, or a multi-coloured all in one and you’ll never loss the crowd – unless of course you intend to…
photo (1)
My pick this year from £18

4. Have something in your backpack that when you put it on, it cheers you up. For the 3rd day in when it’s a bit miserable outside, and your super hungover have your staple big cosy jumper, or something so lively looking that it instantly lifts your mood!

Big cosy jumper
Big cosy jumper
  1. Interesting headgear: have a selection to accessorise a plainer outfit, or cover up greasy hair. Find an intricate head jewel. A dorky bucket hat from a charity shop (see photo). An array of hair tying scarfs. And the ultimate festival accessory, the flower headband (only make sure you don’t team with any items from point 1 – you will look too on trend).
  1. Continuing with accessorising ALWAYS have a bum-bag. Keep your essentials on you at all times, phone, ID, money, bankcard etc. Just make sure you don’t make my mistake that when you go to the loo, you take it off to get out of your leotard, leave it on the port-a-loo floor, then rush off to dance to your favourite song that has come on outside and leave it in their – containing all you and your friends essential items (especially at a festival abroad when said bum-bag contains all Euros you have taken out for the week and your passports). Luckily I got it back!
  1. Pack an eye-mask so when you roll into your tent at 6am and the sun is coming up you can still make it dark for sleeping. Or wrap a scarf round your eyes – but its quite uncomfortable.

Get that shut eye!

  1. My newest addition to festival packing that I am super excited about. Plan ahead and pack each day’s complete outfit in separate plastic bags. This way when you wake up in your hot stuffy tent, you don’t have to rummage around at the bottom of your bag to find that pair of shorts. You can simply pull out a complete days outfit, with clean underwear and socks and your full outfit ready to wear (pre-confirmed in a full length mirror pre-festival to ensure no big bum issues).
  1. Sunglasses. Look like an idiot in these, again non-everyday sunglasses are a winner.548591_10150648344586704_418423020_n
  1. Waterproofs in whatever fashion you choose, its fine we are already looking like idiots. What’s a plastic sheet on top of that gonna do?
Beat the rain
Beat the rain


  1. Jewels, eyelashes, anything colourful and unexpected for your make-up is perfect. If you want to go for a full tiger face-paint vibe go for it, when else will you get the chance to pretend to me a cat?


  1. Loo roll and as many different variety of wipes available – baby, make-up, feminine, refreshing. Go to poundland and go to town.


That’s it from me now. I am off to finish my own packing and get pumped for the week ahead. Stayed tuned and I will do a round up of my Glastonbury outfit choices when I’m back. Don’t be afraid to look like a dick, it’s a lot of fun! Basically go for it. If not now then when, and if not you, then who? Use this festival season to go crazy and don’t ever think that you’ve gone OTT.


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